Friday, May 9, 2014

Looking for Cute Maxi Skirts?

Skirt Image from Zulily

Today we have a guest post from my sweet mom! She blogs over at Artful Homemaking. Thanks, Mom!

Since we wear skirts most of the time, it seems like we're always on the lookout for cute maxis. They used to be really hard to find, but now it seems like they're popping up all over, which is really nice! We wear knee-length skirts, too, but sometimes there's nothing like a maxi skirt for modesty and comfort. And, they're super cute!

One of our favorite places to find cute maxi skirts has been Zulily. Zulily is a daily deals site. You have to sign up in order to view their products, but I have found so many cute skirts and dresses there that signing up was well worth it to me! Here are just a few of the cute skirts currently on the Zulily website:
This skirt (below) is on its way to Elyse right now--I knew she would love it!
I recently received this skirt (below) in the mail, and it is so cute and comfortable. It's one of my new favorites:
Elyse and I both have one of these Downeast Basics skirts (pictured below), that we found on sale at Zulily a couple years ago. Mine is black, and hers is blue.
In addition to all the knit skirts, they also carry lace, denim, and chiffon maxi skirts. In order to find the skirts, I just type "maxi skirt" in the search box, and it will bring up many of the skirts they currently have available. Some of them are priced as low as $14. Sometimes the size selection is limited, and they often sell out very fast.
Another place with cute skirts is Deborah & Co. I've had my eye on this skirt since last summer:
At Deborah & Co., you can also have a skirt custom made for you! And the above skirt can be shortened for you if necessary.

When I was in Walmart recently, I noticed that they have a skirt similar to the one above, at a very inexpensive price! You can see it here. They also had several other cute skirts available for about $12.

We've also seen some nice skirts at Kosher Casual. They sent me one to review earlier this year, and you can read my review of their company here.

So, here's a complete list of all the places we've been able to find maxi skirts recently:
  1. Thrift stores
  2. Ebay
  3. Maurices
  4. Cato
  5. Downeast Basics (sometimes they have a few)
  6. Walmart (very occasionally)
  7. Target (occasionally)
  8. Kosher Casual
  9. Deborah & Co.
  10. Zulily (our favorite source for the past couple of years!)

Do you have a favorite source for skirts?


  1. They're all beautiful! I especially love that white one, I've been looking for a good white skirt! Love the two teal ones (stripes and chevron stripes) as well.

    Have you ever heard of ThredUp? It's basically an online thrift store where people can sell their gently used clothing. They have lots of discounts (I got $10 off my first purchase). I got a light green denim skirt and a striped shirt that I am very happy with. The second time I ordered I got a shirt that fit, but the tank I order was too big and we are still trying to make the white dress work. (The slip underneath is really short and the material is super thin. We couldn't tell in the photo.) So you'll have to see how their sizing compares to you. Just thought you might be interested! Sorry if I bored you with this long comment. :)
    Thanks for sharing Elyse!

    1. I didn't find your comment at all boring, Abby! :)

      Yes, I have heard of ThredUp, but have never ordered anything from there. I'll have to check into it! :)


  2. Beautiful maxi skirts! I awarded you at my blog

    1. Thank you so much for the awards, Chloe!

  3. Beautiful skirts! I recently got a black and white striped Maxi skirt, and I love it!!! It can go with so many beautiful colors too! Thanks for all the links! Very cute blog! :)

    1. Thanks, Caitlin! Black and white is very versatile; I love it!