Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Life Lately

Hello again, friends!  Life has been soooo busy lately!  I got braces a couple months ago, and this picture captures my chocolate milkshake and I after a visit to the orthodontist! :)  Some of my visits have been very painful, but the milkshake really helps.
Our family got to go camping last month which was mostly a lot of fun, despite rain, and some bad sunburns!
The beautiful views were very much worth capturing on camera.
This boat dock is one of my favorite places-at evening, the sky and the water are absolutely gorgeous! And it's so incredibly peaceful! This was after our family took a raft out on the water-we made so many fun and hilarious memories!
Sometimes I feel like life just needs to slow down a little bit! With my sixteenth birthday approaching in just a few weeks, I'll be busy with party plans.  I'm holding off on getting my driver's license for awhile-I'm just going to work on practicing driving more with my learner's permit.  

What's been going on in your life lately?

Blessings to you all, and happy First of July!  


  1. Hello dear Elyse...what a lovely treat to visiting your blog a second time this week, my friend:)
    You certainly have been quite busy...and I am so glad your family got to go camping! I haven't camped in years, but oh! I love it so much...
    And oh my! I just love your top in the first photograph...I adore chevron stripes:)
    This week I am packing and getting ready for a trip to the Cape to celebrate my friend's eighteenth birthday... She lives six hours away, so it is always delightful to visit and be encouraged by a sister in the Lord!
    Have a blessed and peaceful day, Elyse! And a wonderful month of July...

    1. Thank you, Kelly-Anne! It sounds like you will be quite busy!
      Have a very blessed day!