Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Candy-Coated Pretzel Sticks

These are so easy to make that you don't really need a recipe. We make them every Christmas, but it was fun to branch out and use some new colors for my birthday.  

First, you need candy melts:
Or almond bark. Either one will work.  You can get both of these at your local grocery store or at Walmart for around $5.
And sprinkles!
All you do is melt the candy melt or almond bark (following the directions on the package) and dip the pretzels in it. While it's still wet, add the sprinkles. Let them dry in a baking sheet with parchment paper. 
The white ones we did are with almond bark:
And for these blue ones we used the Wilton blue candy melt. There are a lot of fun colors to choose from!  We also used some of the melted white bark to drizzle on the blue for a fun effect.

These are so fun to make with friends or with younger children.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pink + Black

Hello!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by!  
Here's the black skirt again!!  I told you it would be a staple. ;) 
Top: No Boundaries (Walmart clearance rack for $2.99!!)
Black wedges: $30 from a local shoe store-I normally wouldn't spend that much on shoes, but they were for a special event, and black wedges are also a great staple to be worn again and again!

Summer is my favorite season, so I'm always a little sad to see it come to an end.  
I started eleventh grade last week! I'm really excited, especially because it means I just have one more year of school left!  (Twelfth grade.) :)

Who else is excited about the new school year?? :)  
Have a terrific day!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Ruffle Top

Hi everybody!  Here's a recent summer outfit of mine.  Flowers and floral prints are so right for this time of year!!
Ruffle top: Self Esteem, department store (clearance rack)
Black Skirt: Cato Fashions (clearance rack)  This is a new staple for me...I will definitely be wearing this skirt again and again!
Flower flip flops: My sister didn't like the way they fit, so I was happy to take them!! :D lol!

Have a beautiful day!
♥♥♥ Elyse

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My 16th Birthday Party

Hello everybody!  Here's my sixteenth birthday party post!!  I am so excited about sharing with you all the pictures from the party, as well as ideas that I used.  I absolutely LOVE party-planning, because I'm a party girl.  My mom isn't quite as much a party girl as me, so she was happy to let me do the planning.  However, she was a tremendous help in decorating and in photography, and I couldn't have pulled it off without her!  My mom is awesome!
My sister Abby and I made these candy melt anchors to go on top of  the cupcakes.
We also used Wilton candy melt to dip our pretzels, then we coated some with sprinkles, and drizzled the blue ones with leftover white candy melt. 

The finished product!  So awesome on the strawberry and white cupcakes!
We used TONS of balloons in decorating!
I was absolutely thrilled to find these hanging pom poms for just a couple bucks at our closest Dollar Tree.  It took me quite a while to go through all of them and find pink, though!  Mom did a fabulous job hanging them in just the right places.
I found these beautiful straws at Walmart; they were a little bit more expensive than just regular straws, but oh so pretty!  The plates, napkins, cups, and plastic cutlery I got for $0.99 each at Walmart and Dollar General.
I found this sea star, as well as the glass bottle that the straws are in, at Hobby Lobby.  If you catch sales and use coupons, you can get a bunch of really good stuff for a really good price!
We already had these Ball canning jars and the twine, and the shells, so this was a fun and easy way to decorate in sort of a beach-y theme.
This cookie/candy jar was perfect for decor!
Sign showing the gifts "table". I got the chalkboard from Hobby Lobby for $5.99.
This is a fun guessing game for parties, and whoever guesses closest gets the jellybean jar as a prize!
~The refreshments table~
The cake, made by an awesome lady in our town, turned out absolutely gorgeous, and just perfect!  Mom ordered it, but it was exactly what I was envisioning!
After the guests arrived, we had a fun time playing several games.  This was the "Toss 'n Talk Ball" game.  So fun!!  I changed some of the questions, and made up some of my own to be more suited to teen girls.
The beautiful quilt, made by many sweet ladies and girls from our church. ♥
The props for the photo booth! We googled free photo booth printables, and found lots of fun options.
Some "real" props!
LOL, I LOVE this one! 
~The group~  Thanks so much, Mom, for the awesome picture!
The "make it yourself" party favors.
I was so impressed by the boxes that each guest created-they turned a plain cardboard box into a beautiful piece of art!

Hope you enjoyed!  Let me know what you think!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Striped Dress

Here's what I wore to a baby shower a few weeks ago.  I just love maxi dresses! They are so awesome for summer!  They are a summer staple for me.
  I was thrilled to find this from Express on the clearance rack for just $19.99.  It was $39.99 before!

What's your summer staple?