Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Ruffle Top

Hi everybody!  Here's a recent summer outfit of mine.  Flowers and floral prints are so right for this time of year!!
Ruffle top: Self Esteem, department store (clearance rack)
Black Skirt: Cato Fashions (clearance rack)  This is a new staple for me...I will definitely be wearing this skirt again and again!
Flower flip flops: My sister didn't like the way they fit, so I was happy to take them!! :D lol!

Have a beautiful day!
♥♥♥ Elyse


  1. Cute outfit Elyse! I love how the flip-flops bring out the pink floral in the top. Hope you're having a wonderful summer!
    Joyfully His,

  2. Such a pretty, feminine ruffle top, dear Elyse! So summery...I am so delighted that warmer weather is just around the corner for us!
    Have a beautiful day!

  3. Adorable outfit! really need a navy skirt! I'll have to keep my eyes open next time I'm at Cato's.
    Abi Ant

  4. Hello Elyse!
    I really like your blog. Your dresses you model are so pretty. :D
    I hope you check out my blog and please follow by email. I also hope you check out my current giveaway and enter! :D
    Love in Christ,
    ps. Here's my crochet store.
    I would love to make something for you, so please feel free to order! :D