Thursday, June 2, 2016

Steering Wheel or Spare Tire? {Thoughts on Prayer}

Hello friends!!  I recently found this Toby Mac Speak Life quote online, and it really spoke to me.  Or perhaps convicted would be a better word!  One of those, "Guilty!" moments. ;)  
We've probably heard this idea before (at least if you're immersed in Christian literature and websites as I am), but it really hit home recently after a conversation I had with my mom and simultaneously seeing this quote.  
Sometimes when life is going good, like when I've had my coffee, and everything's going on schedule for a day out I just breeze through my prayer time like, "Thank you for today God, you're amazing!  You have been so good to me!"  (Or worse, I hardly pray at all!)
And then something that really stinks happens (like I get sick, and it rains, and I get into a fight with my sister) and I'm like "God, PLEASE help me!  You're the only One who can fix this situation (or this person, or this thing!) 
So I just want to challenge us (especially myself!) to view prayer as the steering wheel of our life, because prayer is our access to God, and it is through HIM that we have abundant life.  Don't view prayer as a spare tire (only praying when stuff's going wrong!)  

Love you guys and hope you're having a blessed day!